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14 - 18 November 2016
Cape Town International Convention Centre,
Cape Town, South Africa

Who qualifies for a free delegate pass? 
Free passes are available for Start-up businesses: Com series is supportive of nascent businesses and complimentary passes to the shows are available on a case by case basis for start-up businesses in technology, ICT, telecommunications or Fintech related sector. Applicants must be of a business ready status; ideation stage start-ups will not qualify.
Free passes are also available for licensed network operators*; enterprises/SMEs* who have registered company status in an African state; telecoms and finance industry regulators, ministers and government officials; web based and online companies. Individuals must be from management, C-level or board level to automatically qualify for a free pass. All other roles will be considered on a per applicant basis.
*Operator: An organisation whose primary business focus is the provision of telecommunications and/or Internet/data services to domestic consumers and/or to business / corporate / institutional end users. This definition therefore extends to – fixed-line facilities-based telecoms operators, other providers of fixed-line telecoms services, VoIP service providers, ISPs, wISPs (wireless ISPs), broadband service providers, cable TV network operators, mobile operators, MVNOs (this list of categories is non-exhaustive and is provided for clarification purposes).
Enterprise or SME: Anyone in the position of Head of Technology, Innovation, IT, ICT, CIO or CTO roles within a corporation or small to medium sized business. These are not sector specific but if the organisation is a vendor or supplier to the telecommunications and ICT sector they do not qualify for this type of pass. 
Our definition of telecoms operator/service provider (for the purposes of entitlement to subsidised delegate passes) does NOT include companies (or division or subsidiaries of companies) whose primary purpose is the provision of wholesale access to telecoms operators/service providers (i.e. “carriers’ carriers) or the provision of any other services to telecoms operators/service providers. To clarify, representatives of the wholesale/carrier services subsidiaries/business units of telecoms operators do NOT qualify for entitlement to subsidised conference passes. 

*Broadcaster: Service providers:Broadcaster / Satellite Broadcaster / Channel /Online Video Service / TV App / Content Provider / Aggregator / Gaming / Music
Knect365 reserves the right to refuse any applications for free passes.


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