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Cell & Gene Exchange

May 22–23, 2017 // Washington DC

The event brings together the regulatory, business and patient advocacy communities to enable the development of meaningful partnerships to advance the cell and gene therapy sector.

Biopharma companies are working with patient advocacy foundations sooner—and closer—than ever before. As a result, companies are gaining insights very early in the therapeutic development stage that can streamline and speed scientific advances and regulatory approval.

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Biotech Engages Patients Earlier than Ever

Advances in Cell and Gene Therapies Provide New Opportunities

Industry leaders and patient advocacy groups collaborate to advance R&D.

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More than 800 clinical trials are underway in the regenerative medicine sector resulting in scientific advances in areas of unmet medical need, especially in rare diseases. Read more about the important role of partnerships in advancing the sector.


May 22–23, 2017
Ronald Reagan Building,
Washington, DC

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