March, 2018
New York, NY

Speaker Benefits
As a speaker at The FUSE Design & Brand Strategy Event you'll join an exclusive group of industry thought leaders and experts. Additionally, you'll receive:

  • A complimentary 3-day conference pass to maximize the networking and education opportunities onsite
  • The opportunity to generate buzz in the industry, including exposure through pre- and post-event interviews and social media campaigns

 Post-event package including photos, session feedback and coverage

Submission Deadline: Monday, July 31, 2017

About the Conference
Fuse strives to tear down internal silos and unite designers, creative directors, innovation leaders, marketing gurus, and brand strategist to discuss how imagination, creativity and purpose coupled with business strategy can lead to brand experiences like no other.

We bring you the most creative stories and strategies in design, across Digital, social, retail, product and service and show you how they can drive your business forward.

FUSE your brands story, purpose, and identity across all channels by capturing key trends, leveraging design and building an internal culture that supports your mission. Uncover performance benchmarks used by your competitors and see how design can generate value for your business.


Speaker Requirements

  • Speakers must be senior level from brand side only or out of industry topic experts (Must be non-vendor)
  • Case studies are 40 minutes or less
  • All presentations must be noncommercial
  • Please note: There are a limited number of speaking opportunities for vendors. For more details pertaining to these opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Hinkis at

Interested in Speaking?
Submit your proposal to Romina Kunstadter at on or before Monday, July 31, 2017.

  • Speaker name, job title and company name
  • Title of presentation (5-7 words)
  • Summary of presentation. Please highlight what is unique about your presentation and what the audience takeaways will be (5-7 sentences max)
  • Complete Contact information including address, phone and email
  • Brief biography

2018 case studies will cover the following topic areas:

Who Attends
In 2018, we expect more than 250 senior-level design, brand, marketing and innovation leaders from across industries including: CPG, Automotive, Finance, Healthcare and Pharma, Media & Entertainment, Retail and more.

Attention Suppliers/Consulting Companies Interested in Speaking or Sponsoring
If you are a vendor, consultant, research firm or technology provider and would like to speak or sponsor at The FUSE Design and Brand Stagey event, contact Elizabeth Hinkis at to find out more about sponsorship options.

Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Thank you for your interest in The FUSE Design and Brand Strategy event.

Step 1: Understanding The Changing Consumer & Culture

Potential topic areas include:

  • The Omni Chanel- Consumer: How do designers and marketers need to change.
  • Customer Centricity: Linking consumer needs to your brand vision.
  • The Future Consumer- Trends having the greatest impact on consumer behavior.
  • Psychology of Consumers- Empathy, Trust, Behavior Change.
  • Multicultural impact on brand design.
  • Technology & Humans: The relationship between humans and machines and the potential impact on the design world.

Step 2: CULTURE: How organizational culture influences results, effectiveness, collaboration

Potential topic areas include:

  • The Role of Design Leaders in Business. What skills do people need to be great design leaders?
  • Best Practices for In-house design teams
  • Examples of how organizational culture influences results, effectiveness, collaboration.
  • The Evolution of a Designer: A shift from designer to strategic partner.
  • Design Education

Step 3: Keeping an Eye on What’s Next: Using Foresight to enhance your business strategy 

Potential topic areas include:

Tech Trends:

  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Digital Trends.

Consumer Trends:

  • LIFESYLE TRENDS- Behavior of people and generational shifts, Aging Population, Sustainability.
  • Data- How can you use data in ways that surprise and delight vs feeling intrusive.

Trends from the Startup World 

  • Role of Design in Startups and VC’s, Startups co-founded by designers.

Industry Specific Trends

Step 4: Using Design to Create Meaningful Experiences that Bring Brands to life

Potential topic areas include:

  • Service Design: The full experience from beginning to end- the customer experience side of things.
  • Retail Design
  • Digital Design
  • Systems Design
  • Customer Service
  • Designing Happiness Beyond Your Product
  • Design Ethics & Augmented creativity (man+machine)
  • Inclusive Design (every one, every screen)
  • How does design perform and lead to value for the business.

Step 5: Marketing -Translating the Vision

Potential topic areas include:

  • Cutting through the (social media) noise.
  • Experience Design & The Customer Journey from a Marketing Perspective.
  • Uplifting the brand experience across all touchpoints.
  • Thought Provoking and Disruptive campaigns.
  • Shift to Cause Marketing – From Profit to Purpose.
  • Marketing Best Practices & Mishaps.
  • Bouncing Back: Regaining consumer trust and rebuilding your brand.
  • Unity between marketing & design – Building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Step 6: Brand Growth: Stories of Brand awareness; innovation; global expansion

Potential topic areas include:

  • Successful data driven campaigns.
  • Thinking Beyond Your Brand- How to Uncover new opportunities.
  • Best Practices for Creating a Holistic Brand Experience.
  • Creating Powerful Brands: Strategies, Frameworks, Skillsets.
  • Iconic Brand Experiences: Why does the brand work? What is the strategy?
  • BRAND LOVE: Build more emotion and connection with our consumers and keeping your brand interesting.
  • Using Tech to Enhance your campaigns.
  • Brand Flexibility: Examples of flexibility within campaigns.
  • Effective Storytelling – Engaging Consumers at every touchpoint.
  • How to keep heritage brand relevant.
  • Branding Across Borders.
  • Brand Management & Brand Strategy Case Studies.