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5G Market Dynamics in MENA (4 Feb, 3pm GMT)

UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were among the first in the world to launch 5G commercially, and now we have 5G FWA and eMBB. Whilst service providers are dealing with an increasing demand for data, declining revenues, OTT competition, higher spectrum prices and more, 5G is set to relieve them from their worries. But, has this been the case?

Realising the Promise of 5G with Densification (10 March, 8pm GMT)

This webinar will explore the commercial experiences of densifying a network and applications of cutting edge technologies that will accelerate this process, and bring the valuable ROI. Concepts that will be discussed include: the concept of mMIMO and applications, how are 5G antennas integrating with 5G radio, how does beamforming improve network performance, network slicing to support 5G applications and more...

The Journey to Standalone 5G (16 April, 3pm GMT)

As carriers look to secure ROI on their 5G investments, we take a look at the key steps that carriers must take to make standalone 5G a reality such as: the defining industry requirements for 5G core, how standards are helping to enable standalone 5G and what more needs to be done to facilitate open source networking.

Building a Robust, Secure and Cost-Effective Indoor 5G Network (22 July, 7am GMT)

With Asia Pacific predicted to be the biggest 5G market by 2025, the opportunities to deploy and monetise 5G networks in the region are untold. This webinar will explore 5G adoption and opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, examining the success stories and hurdles that are being overcome to bring 5G connectivity to businesses and populations. 

Tapping into the Emerging Private Networks Opportunity (4 June, 4pm GMT)

As connectivity experts, mobile operators are poised to capitalise on the lucrative private networks market, but there are obstacles to overcome and questions to answer. This webinar will deep dive into industry questions such as whether enterprises will go it alone, how regulators will incentivise enterprises to do so, how operators will partner with vendors and what the optimal go-to-market strategies across key verticals really are.