May 14-16, 2018
Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX


5G Features: A Voyage Through Selected Aspects


Mobile networks must constantly evolve to fulfill the expectations of the users as well as meet the requirements of the operators. There are many different concepts regarding the shape of the upcoming generation. Some early ideas were left out, but others have become a crucial part of 5G. 

In this 28 page Guidepaper, Grandmetric analysts Marcin Dryjanski and Mateusz Buczkowski provide a detailed overview of selected aspects of 5G which includes the salient features, along with the silent features, such as utilization of satellites.

Topics covered:

  • Air interface aspects - mmWave, Massive MIMO and UAI
  • Networking aspects - NFV, SDN, network slicing, SON
  • 5G standardization
  • 5G Core Network
  • Satellites and how they fit into 5G
  • How to make 5G and energy efficient system
  • Fixed-mobile convergence
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