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Novel Approaches to Immunotherapies and Immuno-Oncology

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The future is bright for antibody-based and cellular therapies for immuno-oncology, with the technologies of bispecifics and CAR-Ts converging. Bispecifics and CAR-Ts can be combined to create bispecific CAR-Ts. The technology is now not only limited to T-cells but is being applied to natural killer cells in the clinic. At the cutting-edge technologies such as TCR-T are targeting intracellular cancer epitopes. Antibodies alone can also be used to target intracellular proteins.

This whitepaper looks at the latest advances, technologies and challenges in immuno-oncology drug development, including:

  • CD3-Bispecifics vs CAR-T Cells
  • Bispecific or compound (cCAR-T) formats to overcome antigen escape
  • NanoCAR
  • CAR-NK and bispecific NK engagers, innately resistant to antigen escape
  • Autologous T-cells with enhanced TCR tumour antigen binding (SPEAR T-cells)
  • Targeting intracellular antigens such as RAS with antibodies

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  David Orchard-Webb, PhD, is a freelance consultant and medical/biotech writer.

This piece represents the views of the author and not necessarily the views of KNect365 Life Sciences or the Antibody Therapeutics and Engineering conference series.

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