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Results of the AfricaCom Insights Survey 2019

The world is starting to take notice of Africa’s tech and telecommunications industry. Buoyed by the world’s fastest-growing mobile economy, rapid urban development and technological advancement, growing populations and rising incomes, telecoms networks have found themselves right at the centre of digital growth and transformation right across the continent.

According to the GSMA, sub-Saharan Africa is witnessing a faster rise in mobile subscription numbers than anywhere else in the world. In a region long beset by widespread deficiencies in its fixed line network infrastructure, 3G and now 4G mobile are providing the digital highways to economic growth, connecting previously underserved populations and allowing African businesses to take full advantage of the global technological revolution.

Ahead of AfricaCom 2019, we carried out our latest Insights survey to gauge the insider’s view of the African tech and telecoms market at this exciting time. Access the free report to find out what we discovered about:

  • African tech and telecoms investment priorities
  • Opinion on the impact of AI in Africa
  • The most in-demand tech skills for 2020
  • Key digital challenges facing African industry
  • Africa's tech ambitions


12 - 14 November 2019 
Cape Town
South Africa

12 - 14 June 2018


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12 - 14 Sept 2019 
Cape Town
South Africa

Results of the AfricaCom Insights Survey 2019