10 - 12 September 2019

Marina Bay Sands,


The 4th industrial revolution

AI technologies are already being implemented across many business functions, yet often quietly and without (yet) receiving the attention or investment needed. AI will have a major impact in human productivity – it really is the 4th industrial revolution

Ethics & Regulation

The conversation around Ethics and regulation is highly pertinent; more so for an AI-powered business

Deep Machine Learning

Deep/Machine Learning is king among current AI implementation/investment, image/voice recognition and NLP are at an accelerating pace

Get involved now

The time to get involved with AI is now; if you haven’t started already, get going and don’t get left behind your competitors!



The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to decipher the practical implications of AI for corporate organisations. We offer ground-breaking solutions that are transforming business productivity today and will transform organisations in the future.

The AI Summit Singapore 2019 draft agenda focusses on showcasing leading enterprise case studies. This will help attendees accelerate AI adoption and innovation in both their business, and across the APAC region.

AI Summit Singapore audience listening to keynote session

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