September 22-24 2020

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FREE REPORT: Are You Ready for Profitable 5G Monetization?

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Are You Ready for Profitable 5G Monetization?

In this whitepaper, industry leaders Ovum have assessed the main features of the B2B, B2Bx, and B2C services that will be supported with 5G, in order to determine how CSPs should invest, upgrade and rethink their systems to ensure profitable 5G monetization. 

Providing key market recommendations for CSPs, this whitepaper will provide answers to questions such as: 

  • How to evaluate the potential of 5G services and assess their readiness
  • How to enable the platform and operations changes required for 5G monetization
  • How the consumer debut of 5G will pave the way for B2B opportunities
  • How to monetize the B2C 5G market
  • How to build flexible and scalable deployment models to ensure 5G success
  • ...and more...

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