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Submit your nomination for the Changing Lives Award!

About the Award:

The Changing Lives Award is dedicated to recognising and honouring organisations and initiatives that are committed to improving lives across the continent.

Nominations will close on Monday 19 August, and the shortlist will be announced on Thursday 22 August.

About the Award Show:

JJoin us once again at the iconic Bay Hotel for a premium and exclusive experience as we celebrate excellence in innovation, inclusion, and sustainable development. This year, we continue our tradition of recognizing organizations and individuals who are driving transformative change and shaping Africa's tech ecosystem.

Prepare for an inspiring awards ceremony that underscores the remarkable achievements and contributions to a brighter future. Join us on Wednesday 13 November for an unforgettable evening that merges prestige, purpose, and a commitment to progress.

The Awards are one of many features of Africa Tech Festival, a unique event that has been running for 27 years and is dedicated to uniting global technology and telecom leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to drive digital transformation and innovation across Africa. Register for the event here.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Must be an African-based Organisation: The organisation must be based in Africa OR have a significant presence and operational base within Africa.

Social Impact: The organization or initiative must demonstrate significant positive effects on the lives of individuals and communities, addressing key issues such as health, education, poverty alleviation, and social inclusion.

Innovation and Creativity: The solutions provided should showcase innovative approaches and creative strategies to tackle pressing problems, setting new standards for impact and effectiveness. 

Measurable Outcomes: The impact of the organization or initiative should be evidenced by clear, measurable outcomes and tangible improvements in the targeted areas.



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