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Udai Chilamkurthi

Lead Architect - Retail

& Logstics


12 - 13 June 2019

Artificial Intelligence Investment Timeline & 2025 Forecast

Explore the interactive timeline featuring brand new, exclusive analysis of the AI technologies set to be deployed by key enterprise markets & the level of global investment projected into 2025.

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Built on a culture of possibility, Calgary's future-thinking problem solvers are tackling some of the world's greatest challenges - from energy and life sciences, to agribusiness, aerospace and more. Set in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Calgary's fast-growing tech and innovation ecosystem is spinning out startups across diverse industries that become billion-dollar unicorn businesses.

What you will find in this paper:

With a vision to be the place where bright minds and big ideas come together with an unmatched spirit to help solve global challenges, Calgary’s innovation ecosystem has been evolving at a rapid pace. With record levels of venture capital investment in 2021, the city’s diverse and ambitious startup community was valued at over $1.5 billion Cdn last year.

This paper examines Calgary’s opportunity-rich tech ecosystem, including capacity, entrepreneurial capability and culture, access to finance, entrepreneurial activity and collaboration.

Meet Canada’s Most 

Adventurous Tech City

Meet Canada’s Most 

Adventurous Tech City

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13 - 17 June 2022