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July 24-26, 2017
Raleigh Convention Center,
Raleigh, NC

Crops and Chemicals USA

July 23-25, 2018
Raleigh Convention Center,
Raleigh, NC

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If you are working in any of the following scientific/business topic areas, we encourage you to submit a proposal for a podium presentation. We are especially looking for case studies with new data on the following: 

Plenary Session Topics and Keynotes

  • Industry / market trends, and future of the industry
  • CRISPR-Cas9, CRISPR-derived technologies and gene editing in agro
  • Digital / precision farming, data analytics and yield maximizatoin / cost reduction
  • End user insights: Farmers and supermarkets
  • Agrochemical / biologics registrations, including: USA, Europe, and LATAM

Agrochemical Formulation Track

  • Dicamba
  • Spray drift
  • Adjuvants and surfactants
  • Active ingredients
  • Novel formulations
  • Agrochemical applicator specific formulation

Biopesticides Track

  • RNAi, including: delivery, formulation and commercialization
  • Challenges in biopesticides, including: upscaling, long lasting and synthetic
  • Actives, including stabilization and blending

Biostimulants Track

  • Microbiomes and development of new products from advances in microbiome understanding
  • Demonstrating biostimulant efficacy
  • Focus on soil, including: soil health, and slow release biostimulants
  • Advances in nutrient level measurement

Additional Topics

  • Commercially applicable academic research
  • Seed treatments
  • Combining traditional agrochemicals and biologics
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches

Got a new product, active ingredient, chemical entity, microbe, or biochemical?
Companies looking to gain commercial exposure for their new agrochemical / biological products in front of a dedicated industry audience are invited to submit a proposal for ‘The Pitching Hour’– a new dedicated session to promote licencing, partnership, and / or collaboration opportunities.

Presentations should be free of commercial bias as well as any references to commercial products and services. All selected faculty are required to disclose the existence of any significant financial interest. Financial interest may affect the consideration of your presentation/proposal application.

You will be notified by the Event Review Committee if your presentation has been selected.

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