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Udai Chilamkurthi

Lead Architect - Retail

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Artificial Intelligence Investment Timeline & 2025 Forecast

Explore the interactive timeline featuring brand new, exclusive analysis of the AI technologies set to be deployed by key enterprise markets & the level of global investment projected into 2025.

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Disrupt Health Tech is an opportunity to accelerate the technology enabled revolution needed to take healthcare to the next level.

Join us for this one-day invite-only event as we connect founders, leaders, government officials, and influential clinicians to engage in high-level discussions and see some of the latest innovations within the industry.

With our high calibre, curated audience, we ensure only key players in the field attend, enabling meaningful discussions with other like-minded peers at the forefront of driving the revolution in health Tech.

Download the brochure to discover key themes and how your organisation can play a part in this event including:

  • Showcase your latest products and innovations in a room with senior members of the NHS, government officials, VCs, and other influential members of the health community.
  • Host a roundtable on a discussion of your choice.
  • Network with leading experts and academics within the industry.
  • Discover and invest in the latest innovations.

View our partnership opportunities and discover how you can maximise a variety of exclusive opportunities!

Disrupt Health Tech

Download the partnership Brochure

Speakers Include

  • Emma Wright, Harbottle & Lewis
  • Prashant Shah, O2h Ventures
  • John Spindler, Twin Paths
  • Joana Cartocci, Robeaute
  • Tatum Getty, Thena Capital
  • Joe Stringer, L1 Impacts
  • Dr Jack Kreindler, WellFounded



6th December 2023

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