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Brett King, CEO & Co-Founder, Moven

Jeremy Balkin, Head of Innovation, HSBC Bank

Daniel Latimore, Chief Research Officer, Celent

Mary Jane Ajodah, Vice President, Chief Digital Office, BNY Mellon

Tan Le, CEO & Founder, EMOTIV

Plus many more!

Karen Mills, Former Member of President Obama's Cabinet and Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School 

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What's included? 

8 exclusive webinars 

  • -Solving the digital dilemma: how to have a better relationships with customers you never met
  • -Next-Generation Customer Communications Management
  • -Data overload? The impact on customer experience 
  • -Digital, Data and Disintermediation: banking in 2019
  • -2019 retail banking trends 
  • -Bank 4.0: banking everywhere, never at a bank
  • -How technology gives our people suprhuman capabilities 
  • -The underpinnings of bad bots and their impact on financial services 

4 exclusive eMagazines

  • -Cracking the fintech code 
  • -Next generation fintech
  • -The future of digital banking and payments 
  • -Rolling out  a blockchain-powered ecosystem 

Plenty of Finovate analyst interviews 

  • -Digital banking in the gig economy with Jacob Jegher, Javelin Strategy 
  • -The future of SME borrowing with Rick Winslow, Cabbage 
  • -Why the magic hasn't happened yet with open banking with Julian Sawyer, Sterling Bank
  • -The power of voice and moving to device-less experiences with Giulio Montemagno, Amazon Pay 
  • -Engaging women in more financial decisions with Olga Miler, start-up founder 
  • -Top tips for success for fintech start-ups with Harrie Vollaard, Rabobank
  • -The era of agility in financial services with JP Nicols, Fintech Forge 
  • -Getting regulators onboard with fast paced change wth Jim Marous, The Financial Brand 
  • -Why robots will need passports in the future with Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion