Predicting the Future with 2020 Vision

As consumers increasingly expect faster speeds and lower costs, telcos are under the spotlight like never before as they move to aggressive commercial deployment of next gen broadband networks, and attempt to beat out competitors to deliver on customer demands first. 

But with so much changing already, it can be hard to predict what's coming up next, and what to focus on first. To help answer that question, we spoke with insights from executives who are the forefront of the industry, making the key decisions that will shape this future, to hear what they think will happen in 2020 and beyond. 

15-17 October 2019 
Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Conference Centre, Netherlands


Achieve Unlimited Flexibility for Your Network

Achieve Unlimited Flexibility



15-17 October 2019
Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Conference Centre, Netherlands 

The unrelenting growth in demand for data throughput has driven an expansion in the number of access
solutions required to deliver services at ever high speeds

Fiber is at the heart of the network evolution enabling
a multiplicity of last-mile access technologies (twisted-pair copper, coax cable and wireless) that can deliver
gigabit speeds to the end-user.

This paper describes the challenges faced today when introducing new network topologies and how
disaggregating, separating, and virtualizing network elements and functions is a key step towards a network
focused on the end-user experience, instead of the technology it is built on.