What’s behind the growing demand for private 5G and LTE networks? Part of the answer is data; a growing commodity for enterprises. Accordingly, safeguarding data is increasingly a top priority for industries from oil and gas to manufacturing and mining. 
Private networks offer enterprises a way to keep their data protected and on-premise, and also promise to provide the superior connectivity needed to power industrial IoT and massive M2M communications enabling productivity gains and operational cost savings. As connectivity experts, mobile operators are poised to capitalise on this lucrative market but there are obstacles to overcome and questions to answer:

  • Will enterprises opt to go it alone by purchasing their own spectrum to power and build their own private networks?
  • Will regulators incentive enterprises to do so with low-cost spectrum and appealing spectrum offerings for enterprises?
  • What are the technical architecture options for hybrid public/private networks compared to stand-alone private network or a private network slice?
  • How will operators partner with vendors and system integrators to develop compelling offerings for enterprises?
  • With each industry vertical having its own requirements and objectives, what are the optimal go-to-market strategies across key verticals?
  • Will 5G dominate the private networks market or will LTE continue as the technology of choice? And what will be the role of complementary technologies such as Wifi6?
Access this webinar on-demand, and listen as our expert speakers deep-dive into the questions mobile operators are asking as they prepare to capture the private networks market.


  • Christian Regnier - Enterprise Technical Architect: Critical LTE, 5G and IoT, Air France
  • Camille Mendler - Chief Analyst, Enterprise Services , Omdia
  • Antje Williams - Senior Vice President 5G Campus Networks, Deutsche Telekom
  • Matt Rosenberg - Chief Revenue Officer, NetNumber



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Tapping into the Emerging Private Networks Opportunity


3 - 4 March 2021