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Pro Tips: 

  • Keep submissions to under 350 words total
  • AVOID sales pitches: We look for vendor-neutral, product-agnostic sessions to educate our audience
  • Include the name, title, short bio of the presenter

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Submit your speaking proposal by June 5 for a chance to present your IoT and AI success stories, use cases, and best practice at the home of connected innovation.

As a speaker, you will receive one All Access Pass to attend the show, advertising opportunities, and access to network with thousands of tech professionals online + onsite.

Submission Guidelines: 

Your submission is more likely to be accepted if you are showcasing examples of IoT and AI in action and if you represent an end-user of the technology or are able to provide a joint session where an end-user is present.

A Few Tips:

  • Keep submissions to under 350 words total.
  • AVOID sales pitches; we look for product-agnostic sessions that can educate our audience.
  • Include the name, title, short bio of the presenter.