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Technology Industry 
Insights Report 2019

London Tech Week, in partnership with its flagship event TechXLR8, asked our global tech community about the key challenges, opportunities and trends set to impact their respective industries and cities, in 2019 & beyond. 

Based on the results of that survey, the 2019 Insights Report previews the biggest topics set to be explored throughout London Tech Week and highlight the key trends shaping tech hubs around the world. 

Download the full report to access our global tech community's insight, covering:

  • The tech investment landscape
  • Enterprise IT investment trends in 2019
  • How digital disruption is set to shape global enterprises
  • The impact of Brexit on UK enterprises & 'Brexit-proofing' the UK tech scene
  • The skills gap and sourcing the next generation of tech talent

Fill out the form to read the full report, a perfect primer for Tech Week and TechXLR8 2019.

10 - 14 June 2019

12 - 13 June 2019