21- 23 May 2019   Hotel Palace,  Berlin

Please outline the aims of your network virtualization case study: 

The transformation from a traditional IPVPN network to a flexible platform that provides Bandwidth on demand, SD-WAN, VNFs on the fly and connectivity to Cloud Providers like AWS. History behinds is a worldwide financial company that requires to compete against Fintech and convert into a software company.

What are your KPI's?

SD-WAN bandwidth up to 20Gbps. 

Worldwide coverage. 

Time to connect to cloud providers and bandwidth on demand in less than 4 hours.

Outline all of the challenges you face:

1) There are 3 departments at the customer: SaaS, Security, and Network that require to be aligned and work as one although they are looking for different objectives. 

2) Deployment in LATAM. 

3) Technology not enough mature for these high speeds where full disaster recovery is needed.

What partners will you be using to help overcome these challenges?

Our main partners are CISCO, Fortinet and AWS.

What makes this case study different?

To create a real platform that combines underlay (internet, MPLS) with overlay (SD-WAN, WAN2Cloud) with added value services (Firewall, IDS, IPS)