The rate of data transfer between any two points on the network
continues to grow without restraint. With service providers capable of pushing more bits farther on the network than ever before, more
opportunity there is for the data to be subject to unlawful intercept,
with more data being accessible at any point.

To address this issue, the European Union (EU) has developed the GDPR, one of the most impactful developments in network security ever to occur. This burden of protecting the data has a direct impact on network operators as they will be liable for any security breaches while the data is in transit.

EKINOPS encryption solution is an advanced cryptography engine that uses field-proven, industry standard methods. The EKINOPS PM CRYPTO module uses the strongest AES-GCM 256 based encryption to provide the highest level of security from end-to-end.

Download EKINOP's whitepaper to learn more about their encryption solution >>>>

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