21 - 23 May 2019
Hotel Palace,

What’s the story?

  • The first wave of Virtualization delivered few of the promised benefits of more agile working, faster provisioning and cost savings, with some VNFs still taking months to onboard instead of the desired few hours.
  • Matching Virtualisation Up with Cloud services is heralded by many as the way to achieve these promised benefits
  • Break VNFs down into containers can make them more agile and easier to scale, helping services built off them to become Cloud Native
  • But how far should you go? Do all services need containers, and how will the move to more Cloud Native Architecture affect Telcos relationship with Public and private Cloud Providers?
Speakers include:
  • Rabi Abdel, Network Virtualization and SDN/NFV Lead Architect at Vodafone
  • Christopher Price, President of Ericsson Software Technology
  • Ildikö Vancsa, Ecosystem Technical Lead at OpenStack

How Cloud Native Should You 
Make Your Virtualised Networks?

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