Download the Ovum report - Private LTE sets the scene for Industrial IoT and 5G test beds

This Ovum report is a completely free exploration of the growing interest in the Private LTE trend of 2019. It is closely linked to the burgeoning Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market since private LTE is being touted as a solution for the manufacturing sector, as well as for many "campus"-type environments with complex communications requirements. 

Ports and mines are also proving popular sites for private LTE, given their coverage and mobility requirements and the need for high levels of reliability and support for a mix of different types of communications. In addition, private LTE is seen as a way to prime customers for 5G IoT use cases in the manufacturing environment as well as other industrial and transport settings.

Download the free ovum report today to discover the full extent of the Private LTE opportunity.



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26-27 November 2019