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10 - 11 April 2019
ILEC Conference Centre

Have you or a colleague made an outstanding contribution to the growth of a Smart City? Become the people's champion - nominate yourself or someone else below.


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The People's Choice Award

The Smart to Future Cities "People’s Choice Award" 2019 recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual person, who has helped the development of smart cities their area.

This independent award showcases and rewards that hard work with a trophy & exposure to our global audience of 23 million IoT professionals

The winner will be chosen by hundreds of people across the IoT community, who will vote for their champion. Anyone can enter, but there will only be one winner!

Who Wins?

It's simple. We pick a shortlist of finalists from those nominated - the more nominations you get, the better chance you have. The finalist with the most votes from the IoT community will be crowned the people's champion!

How It Works

Nomination deadline: February 22nd  
You can nominate yourself or someone else. Anyone can be nominated for their outstanding work on Smart Cities.

Shortlist announced & voting begins: February 25th 
We decide the shortlist of finalists from those nominated. The more nominations you get, the better chance you have! 

Voting deadline: April 10th  
Once the shortlist is announced, voting commences. Each finalist gets a dedicated page to share with their peers, to encourage them to vote. Anyone in the IoT community can vote, but only once each.  

Winner announcedApril 10th 
The winner will be announced during the drinks reception at the end of day one at Smart to Future Cities 2019.  

The Prize

Smart to Future Cities "People's Choice Award" 2019 trophy

Online exposure to 23 million IoT professionals globally 

Any Questions? 

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