10 - 11 April 2019

ILEC Conference Centre 

London, UK

The Smart Transportation & Mobility "People's Choice Award" 2019 recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual person, who is helping to usher in the new era of Smart Mobility in Europe.

This independent award showcases and rewards that hard work with a trophy & exposure to our global audience of millions, across the automotive & mobility industries. 

The winner will be chosen by hundreds of people across Europe's Smart Mobility community, who will vote for their champion. Anyone can enter, but there will only be one winner!

Who Wins?

It's simple - you decide. Now the shortlist has been decided, the finalist that receives the most votes from Europe's Smart Mobility community will be crowned the people's champion!

How It Works

  • Voting deadline: 05 April 2019 (12pm BST)
    Once the shortlist is announced, voting commences. We will impartially encourage our online community to vote; each finalist is also encouraged to reach out to their colleagues and contacts. Anyone in the Smart Mobility community can vote, but only once each. 

  • Winner announced: 10 April 2019
    The winner will be announced at our Smart Mobility & Transportation event at the ILEC Conference Centre in London.

The Prize 

  • The Smart Transportation & Mobility "People's Choice Award" trophy
  • Trophy awarded during Smart Transportation & Mobility 2019
  • Online exposure to millions of Smart Mobility professionals globally

* Voting has now closed *

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The People's Choice Award

Cast your vote and decide who has contributed most to the progress of Smart Mobility in Europe.