Smart Cities Survey

State of Smart City projects around the globe
August 2020 

What's Inside?

This report, brought to you by Omdia – the new global technology research powerhouse – will provide you with a detailed look at how Smart City Initiatives have evolved over the last 12 months and where these changes will be most felt.

2020 has brought about extensive global changes that have been most clearly shown within our cities. Smart City Initiatives have been required to change focus, respond, and retool in a world never before imagined.

To understand the potential future of Smart City projects and seize the momentum created by 2020, cities need a fully-formed view on where projects are best used and how to spin them up, keep them running, and create long-lasting and flexible solutions for our communities.  It is also key to understand the variety and needs of key end-user markets.  This indispensable and deep understanding is produced by Omdia – the new technology, media and telecommunications research brand that is connecting the dots, identifying business opportunities, revealing risk and delivering the data and insight that is essential to successful business decision.

Key highlights from this industry report include:

  • Examining the focus & importance of current and future Smart City projects by function 
  • Challenges inhibiting Smart City projects
  • Connectivity, digitalization, funding, and more.

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  • Key Topics:
    V2X Communication Technology
    Who will win in the Connected Car Ecosystem?
    Automotive OEMs and Control of the Value Chain
    Stage 5 and the Role of 5G
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